occupational therapy

Occupational therapy seeks to promote your well-being through engagement in occupations, or the components that make up who we are, our life roles and the activities we do to create a fulfilling life.

Our occupational therapist understands the nuances of working with chronic illness and can support you to engage in the activities that you find meaningful and important.

Things we can talk about...

  • The stress response
  • The origins of pain, fatigue and tension in the body
  • How traumatic events impact us
  • The mind-body connection and how thoughts and beliefs impact how we feel
  • Pacing your day and building supportive routines and habits
  • Ergonomics and environmental setup
  • Learning how to effectively rest and recover
  • Recognising and managing your stressors
  • Planning and navigating setbacks
  • How to get a good night's sleep

Things we can do together...

  • Practice being in your body
  • Grounding, orienting and centering
  • Breathing
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Assess and develop strategies for your sensory needs
  • Assessing and adapting day-to-day tasks
  • Developing strategies to engage in leisure, hobbies and social activities
  • Developing strategies to support you whilst you study
  • Developing strategies to support you at work
  • Sourcing equipment to make your life easier

occupational therapy consultations

Someone with multiple chronic illnesses or multiple systems involved in their presentation

Someone with a significant trauma or mental health history

Someone who needs or wants extra consideration around the delivery of their care and at the same time has the capacity for a fifty minute consultation

This is for...

  • A mindful check-in and grounding
  • Reflection on current strategies
  • Co-creation of an agenda for the session
  • In-depth discussion and learning (one or more relevant topics)
  • Embodied practices including movement
  • Relevant occupational assessments
  • Treatment planning for upcoming sessions

  • An optional email summary of the main points of discussion including any home-based tasks 
  • Compliance with medicolegal documentation requirements
  • Dedicated time to collaborate with your circle of care and make new referrals as required

May include...

Long consultation (50 minutes face-to-face)


Please note, our team is not currently able to provide the following specialist services: hand therapy, home assessments, functional capacity assessments, complex assistive technology assessments, driving assessments or scar and oedema management.

frequently asked questions 

How do I get started?

How do I get started?

Due to the demand for our offerings, we are currently running a priority care list for all new enquiries. If you are interested in accessing care at Zebras Australia, please complete this preliminary questionnaire and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Our intake process involves an
initial consultation - consisting of 50 minutes face-to-face and 1o minutes non-face-to-face time - booked in with our occupational therapist. 

After listening to the feedback from our community, we are mindful that your capacity to engage for long periods may be limited. For this reason, we have found this to be spacious enough to balance a high level of care with minimal after effects but please reach out if you have any concerns around this.

What can I expect in my first consultation?

What can I expect in my first consultation?

Our first consultation together is about getting to know you as a person, your journey, your current limitations, supports and aspirations.

We’ll take some time to settle into the virtual space before asking you some questions. The information we gather in this encounter is invaluable for creating context for your concerns and helping us to work out how we can best support you.

When it comes to assessing, your occupational therapist will take time to understand you as a whole person. Together you will explore your individual strengths and challenges, your physical, social, sensory, cultural, work and spiritual environments, and how you participate in the daily activities you find meaningful and important. 

At this point, you may have some questions for us...

  • What type of sessions should I book with you?
  • What can I expect from my sessions with you?
  • What do you expect of me in between sessions?
  • When can I get moving or start classes with you?
  • How often would you suggest I see you?
  • How long would you suggest I see you?
  • Do you have any extra resources for me?
  • Is there anyone else you recommend that I see along the way?

Our intention is to answer these questions and more, so that you know what to expect during your time at Zebras. We’re even happy to summarise this information for you in an email following your session.

Once you’re happy with the plan we’ve created, and with your permission, we’ll schedule time to write to your circle of care to let them know we’ve joined your team.

With your intake complete, it’s now time to start working on your first steps towards a life that is big, full and bright.

What are the associated costs?

What are the associated costs?

Zebras Australia is a private clinic and a fee for service applies. The following sessions are available in-person or virtually with fees applicable from 1st of July 2024:

Emerging occupational therapists - Lauri
  • Initial Physiotherapy Consultation (50 minutes) $220.00
  • Long Physiotherapy Consultation (50 minutes) $205.00
  • Medium Physiotherapy Consultation (40 minutes) $150.00
  • Short Physiotherapy Consultation (25 minutes) $100.00

All payments are taken in full on the day of service.

You can find more information about our practitioner tiers here.

Is there any financial assistance available?

Is there any financial assistance available?

Services provided by our occupational therapist may be covered by private health insurance, attract a Medicare rebate or be funded under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Please see our frequently asked questions for more details on financial assistance.


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