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Zebras Australia is Australia’s most holistic centre for chronic illnesses including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome | Ehlers Danlos Syndrome | Fibromyalgia & more.

Zebras Australia incorporates exercise physiology, physiotherapy, massage, pilates, yoga, podiatry and psychology all under one award-winning, inspiring roof.

 We work directly with some of Melbourne’s leading autonomic, pain and fatigue Specialists to ensure the best possible outcomes. Zebras Australia is an Upwell Health Collective Program.


Zebras Australia Initial Consult Part 1 - Complex Care Coordinator (60 minute consult + 30 minutes follow-up)$215
Zebras Australia Initial Consult Part 2 - Complex Care Coordinator (60 minute consult + 60 minutes follow-up)$215
Zebras Australia Subsequent Consult - Complex Care Coordinator (60 minute consult + 30-60 minutes follow-up)$215
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  • Zebras Australia Initial Consult Part 1 (of 2) (60 mins):
    • Kombucha or Coconut water offered on arrival
    • Salty / sugar snacks in the consult room 
    • Full history is gathered and a collection of subjective information regarding:
      • Symptoms
      • Past history from childhood, adolescents & adulthood
      • Sleep
      • Triggers
      • Movement / mobility
      • Diet
      • Social support
      • Goals
      • Mental health status
      • Current treatments & therapies
    • Objective measures as appropriate e.g.
      • Blood pressure testing (standing test)
      • Beighton test
      • Marfans testing
      • Musculoskeletal testing
      • Outcome measures as required
    • Tour of the Zebras facilities


  • Zebras Australia Initial Consult Part 2 (of 2) (60 mins):
    • Provision of education documents and a personalised explanation of the physiology and scientific rationale behind your recommended treatment plan will be provided.
    • Discussion of the suggested treatment plan e.g:
      • Blood pressure treatments (compression, hydration, electrolytes etc.)
      • Movement therapies
      • Musculoskeletal & pain treatments
      • DIMs & SIMs
      • AlterG anti-gravity training
      • Pacing & activity diary
      • Trigger identification
      • Relaxation therapies / stressor management
      • & more
    • You will be presented with a folder including your plan, educational materials & a little gift from us!
    • Provision of activity tracking will be provided
    • Consideration regarding the relevant biofeedback methods available will be provided (eg. heart rate variability, continuous heart rate monitoring)
    • You will be setup on our digital healthcare platform (smartphone based app) which will include your movement program, educational materials, relaxation therapies and more. This platform is included at no additional cost.
    • You will go home with a clear picture of your journey toward better health & some homework to continue to execute the first part of your plan. 


  • Follow-up done after you have left your appointment, including:
    • Review of your information from the initial assessment and discuss with the appropriate team members to formulate your holistic plan.
    • Formulate a holistic treatment plan which will address all the relevant factors identified within the assessment, to be presented to you at the following appointment & via email.
    • Letters to your external treating team (e.g. GP, specialist etc.) detailing the findings of the assessment and suggested plan will be sent out (with your consent).
    • Discussions with your family members where appropriate. 
    • Instructions on sourcing treatment requirements (e.g. hydration & electrolytes, compression wear, further service providers you may need etc.)


  • Prior to Zebras Australia Initial Consult Part 1:
    • We will send an new patient form to you PLUS an initial questionnaire (you will need to allow 30 minutes for each).
    • This will allow us to collect preliminary information to shape the initial assessment, save assessment time and begin the rehabilitation process as soon as possible. 

Note: Please be aware that there is a significant amount of work that is completed outside of your consult to ensure the best possible health outcomes for you.


Zebras Australia services will most likely attract private health insurance rebates or Medicare assistance.

Private Health Insurance Rebates:

  • Please check with your private health insurer regarding your rebate. Zebras Australia will provide the relevant private health insurance codes for you to explore your rebate. Available rebates may range from $30-$130, depending on your insurer and your level of cover. Please contact your insurer to find out about the rebates they can offer you.
  • If you have private health insurance, we can also process your payment on the day, just bring along your private health insurance card. Our exercise physiologists are registered with most private health insurers.

Medicare Assistance:

  • Please also discuss with your GP your eligibility for enhanced primary care programs (EPC) or mental health care plans. Zebras Australia can assist with this process if you don’t have a regular GP, by referring you to our trusted GP partner (500m down the road).
  • If you have an existing enhanced primary care plan/ chronic disease management plan please check it has your practitioners name on the EPC and bring a copy of this plan on the day to your appointment or send it to us ahead of time via email at careteam@zebrasaus.com.au, so we can process your EPC online. You will need to pay the fee on the day of service and the medicare rebate will be processed instantly on the day and paid to you by Medicare within two business days.
  • EPC programs allow 5 sessions funded to $52.95 by Medicare when seeing an Allied Health Professional including Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy and Podiatry.
  • Mental health care plans allow for 6 psychology sessions to be funded by Medicare with a rebate of $84.40 per session. Your GP can extend the number of sessions in one year to 10, giving a rebate of $840.40 in a 12 month period.